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Job Interview Techniques Workshop

San Pablo EDC
13830 San Pablo Ave.
Suite D
San Pablo, CA 94806

Jul 13 2017 - 5:30pm

Job Interview Techniques Workshop: Tried and true techniques to confidently answer tough interview questions

A strong handshake. A steady gaze into the eyes. A quiet confidence. And a well prepared response to every difficult interview question. Do you have what it takes to ace the interview and get the job? Though hiring managers value your education, prior work experience and other credentials, they want people who are "good fit" for the firm (aka culture fit). Therefore, using interview techniques is one of the best ways to show you will blend in with the style and personality of the company.

About Our Speaker: Stephanie Bachar, Employer Engagement Manager of Technology Programs - Stephanie connects Bay Area companies to participants and graduates from JVS training programs to fill open positions, create volunteer opportunities for staff, and provide subsidized fellowships. 

About JVS: Jewish Vocational Services has strengthened the Bay Area community for more than 40 years by helping Bay Area job seekers to build in-demand skills and confidence, make connections and secure work within a career pathway. Awarded California Nonprofit of the Year 2016.

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