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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

To further the organization’s ability to deliver on its mission, the San Pablo EDC Board and Executive Staff developed a three-year strategic plan in April 2013. This plan includes an environmental scan, which gives a clear picture of the community we serve, and also includes a SWOT analysis, which is snapshot of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats the organization faces. The San Pablo EDC’s strategic plan encapsulates five goals:

Goal 1: SPEDC will have a strong, positive reputation and brand

Goal 2: SPEDC will be a fiscally sustainable organization

Goal 3: SPEDC will improve local business success through training

Goal 4: SPEDC will improve the skills of the local workforce

Goal 5: SPEDC will attract new businesses to San Pablo

Strategic Plan

All of our work advances the achievement of these goals through measurable objectives, and helps us deliver on our mission to stabilize, diversify and develop the local economy through education and training of our businesses and workforce.