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Business Watch

What Is Business Watch?
Modeled after Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch takes the “neighbors looking out for neighbors” concept to the commercial level, creating a partnership between business, law enforcement, and other organizations that represent business interests. The Business Watch philosophy is straightforward—Take control of what happens in your business community and lessen your chances of becoming a victim.

Business Watches actively reduces and prevents crime through cooperation and education. Programs vary according to need; however, successful groups adhere to these fundamental steps:

  • Promote communication and understanding between law enforcement and business.
  • Encourage and enhance cooperation among merchants.
  • Teach merchants to crime-proof their own properties, watch over neighboring businesses, and document and report suspicious activity.
  • Develop a telephone tree and/or email distribution list to quickly disseminate information about area crime.
  • Develop signals to activate in adjacent businesses when someone needs help.

Program Benefits

When you start a Business Watch program on your street or block, or within your shopping center or mall, you take an important step toward a safer environment for yourself, your employees, your customers—and your community as a whole. In addition to reducing crime, Business Watch offers many other benefits, including opportunities to

  • Network with other area businesses.
  • Foster a good working rapport with area law enforcement.
  • Offer employee training and education.
  • Garner publicity and community goodwill or your establishment.