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To Apply for Mini-BIGs, you must complete the enrollment form.

Para solicitar Mini-BIG, debe completar el formulario de inscripción.

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Mini-BIG's Grant

Mini-Business Improvement Grants (Mini-BIGs) are a way to help San Pablo small business owners to achieve crucial milestones and foster growth. This program aims to provide education, capital, and business support services to help businesses thrive and create jobs.

Enrollment Period: February 5 - March 4

Through a virtual program, entrepreneurs will define their business goals, gain practical skills, and develop a customized business plan for growth. Participants will attend interactive and free DreamBuilder online courses in English and Spanish, with expert guidance and expert feedback. By completing 5 milestones, entrepreneurs can earn up to $2,500 in grants and a $2,000 matched grant component for further investment in their business.

 Eligible Businesses Must:

  1. Be located in the City of San Pablo incorporated boundaries
  2. Have a current business license
  3. At least one (1) employee
  4. Be an established business that experienced temporary or ongoing negative operations and/or revenue impacts due to the pandemic and post-pandemic economic conditions.

Anyone interested in developing a business plan can use the free resource available on our website at It is accessible to businesses outside of San Pablo; however, they do not qualify for Mini-BIGs Grant.