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Pathway to Homeownership Webinar Series

July 27, 2021 - 5:00pm
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Learn how to set financial goals, create a budget, downsize your debt, and understand your credit report and score. We’ll explain how to best prepare yourself for homeownership, what to expect in the mortgage loan process along with learning the different types of loans available and mortgage loan application criteria. Learn about the steps in the homebuying process including shopping for a home, making an offer, the closing period and home buying professionals that will assist you along the way. In addition, learn about local programs available to first-time home buyers and the criteria that must be met to qualify for those programs.


1. Pathway to Homeownership: Are You Ready to Buy your First Home? (RECORDED) 

2. Pathway to Homeownership: Understanding Credit #1 (REGISTER) 

3. Pathway to Homeownership: Understanding Credit #2 (REGISTER) 

4. Pathway to Homeownership: Shopping For a Home and Protecting your Investment (REGISTER) 

5. Pathway to Homeownership: Special Financing (REGISTER)