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On May 4th, California implemented Stage 1 of re-opening the economy.


What’s resuming right now?

  • Construction projects, certain businesses that operate primarily outdoors (e.g., golf courses, retail nurseries, landscaping, and gardening), and some outdoor activities operating under new guidelines
  • Real estate transactions with continued restrictions on open houses and limitations on in-person viewings
  • Outdoor recreational spaces that were previously closed, like skate parks, have reopened. Facilities that involve shared equipment or physical contact must remain closed.


What starts on Friday if the business is able to modify their operations safely for employees and customers by the 8th?


What are these modifications?

They’re essentially all of the reasonable measures that can be taken to lower the risk of transmission.


There will be regional variations based on statewide metrics and risk factors. What are the statewide metrics being used?

  • Stability of Hospitalizations
  • Personal Protective Equipment Inventory
  • Health Care Surge Capacity
  • Testing Capacity
  • Contact Tracing Capability
  • Public Health Guidance in Place