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Moler Barber College

We have partnered with Moler Barber College to provide up to half of the cost of the training necessary to become a certified barber. For over 100 years Moler Barber College has been training barber students in the East Bay.

Course Duration

The barber course schedule consists of 40 clock hours of training per week for approximately nine and a half (9½) months for a total of 1,500 hours of theory and practical applications.

Course Description

The course covers both basic and advanced phases of barbering and hairstyling including the following:

  • facials 
  • haircutting
  • hairpieces
  • hair coloring
  • hair relaxing
  • hair weaving and hairstyling
  • massaging
  • laws and regulations
  • salesmanship
  • sanitation and hygiene
  • shampooing
  • shaving
  • shop management

Barbering college is a prerequisite for application to the State of California license examination that is conducted by the State Board of Barber Examiners and also prepares the student for entry-level employment as a barber.

The students are not qualified to perform any barbering services until they pass the California Barber examination administered by the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Scholarship Opportunities for San Pablo Residents

We have agreed to provide grant funding up to $5,000. Moler Barber College will provide an additional $500.00 tuition grant to recipients of the San Pablo EDC job training grant. Students can keep their tips earned and may choose to use them to pay back the (currently) no interest loan that Moler makes to qualified applicants who cannot meet the remaining out of pocket tuition and fee expenses once all other financial aid is applied.

Contact us for more information 510-215-3200 for this generous offer.