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Permits & Licensing

Permits & Licensing

There are many things you should consider when starting a business or managing an existing business. It's good to be aware of the resources available to you as well as the regulations of local, county, state and federal government agencies. To operate a business in San Pablo, you will need to obtain a business license from the City of San Pablo's Development Services Department.

Depending on the type of business you plan to operate, there will be various permits and licenses that you will be required to obtain. You will need to file paperwork and submit forms to the state of California, Contra Costa County, and the City of San Pablo. 

 Zoning District |  Contra Costa Fire Protection District | Home Occupation Permit

CalGold Permitting and Licensing Tool

CalGOLD is an online tool created by the State of California to assist in providing businesses the information they need to comply with environmental and other regulatory and permitting requirements. CalGOLD offers direct internet links and contact information to state, local, regional, and federal permitting authorities where business owners can download and access required documents.

Click below to access CalGOLD.

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Quick Start Tool Kits

To help businesses looking to operate in San Pablo, we have created several tool kits for the most common business types. Each tool kit includes related forms and informational documents. If you need assistance in completing these forms, please call to make an appointment (510) 215-3200.


This includes automotive mechanic shops, tire and wheel repair, autobody, as well as smog testing stations.

Beauty Salon

Includes beauty salons, make-up parlours, nail shops, eyebrow threading services, tattoo parlours, and barber shops.

Childcare Services

Includes home based daycare centers as well as private childcare services.

Financial Services

Includes notary, bookkeeping, tax, insurance, and professional financial services.

Home-Based Business

Includes any businesses that are located or based out of a residential address. 


For all food related businesses. Even those that serve only beverages, desserts, or prepackaged food items.

Retail Store

Includes stores that sell clothing, discount products, used or second hand products, and other goods.